Virtual Services

As a certified force-free dog trainer and dog behavior expert, I am here to help no matter where in the world you are.

I have been conducting all training classes, behavior modification, and workshops through video calls since the outbreak of the coronavirus with an even higher success rate than in person. Dog training is all about the dog’s family learning the necessary skills to communicate with the dog which requires commitment and professional guidance.

While normalcy returns in some countries, I am keeping the virtual services as the main form of training due to its incredible effectiveness, especially when working with reactivity, fear and all forms of anxiety.

  • Your dog builds a secure attachment bond that will help him/her reach his/her potential.

  • Your dog only gets information and education from you or your family.

  • Your dog does not feel the need to protect you or your home from an outsider.

  • Everything starts calmly with no stress or distractions.

  • The whole family can attend.

  • No vaccinations needed. Perfect for puppies.

  • No age limitations.

  • No travel time or costs are involved, so it saves you money.

  • More flexible appointments – accessible anywhere in the world (as long you have internet reception, even on walks).

  • Online sessions can be recorded and available for 1 week for you to replay.

  • Faster results through individually designed training programs to ensure you reach your goals quickly.

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Behavior Analysis & Consultation

90 minutes – 95 EUR / 380 QAR

Best suitable for reactivity issues such as lunging and barking, anxiety related behaviors, resource guarding or any severe behaviors you may need help with.

Each consultation includes assessment, written training plan, videos, handouts, and assistance through whatsapp post consultation.

Follow Up Session

60 minutes – 65 EUR / 260 QAR

Follow up for behavior assessment session which also includes training plan, videos, handouts and assistance on session related questions.

During follow up sessions we can also go for walks together – YES, this is possible without me physically being present!

Dog Training

60 minutes – 65 EUR / 260 QAR

Ideal for puppy training, basic manners, advanced manners, dog sports and trick training. Dogs learn faster in their home environment, which is why Pawkeeper dogs learn so efficiently.

The session includes training plan, videos, handouts and assistance between sessions.

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