It's Not Dog Training - It's People Training!

You would like to become a team with your dog? Fun and mutual trust between you and your dog are important to you?

Get trained on how to train your dog from the inside out with positive reinforcement in my successful virtual sessions, one-on-one or in a group. Let me help you understand your dog better and reach your training goals efficiently.

Whether it is consultation before acquiring a dog, puppy training, basic or advanced manners training, behavior modification (fear, frustration, aggression) or assistance dog training – The Pawkeeper is your one-stop-shop accessible worldwide.

Walking with yoiur dog

Group Training

Together it’s easier! Fun, informative and effective learning for ALL KIND OF DOGS – yes, even your 8 years old doggo can join and learn. In my inclusive courses all dog-human pairs start together and finish together. My interactive live sessions in combination with an active group chat and digital script help you build a fantastic, healthy bond with your dog.

For open slots in upcoming courses have a look at the pinned posts on my Facebook page.

Private Session

Most suitable for behavior consultation or for dog parents with a busy schedule. After an initial assessment, I will customize a training or behavior modification plan including educational and reading materials to help you gain further knowledge on your dog’s behavior. During our session I will guide you step by step through the process of change with your dog from start to finish. Follow up support 24/7 is included for one-month post-session via email/messages.

Get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to book a session.


Are you looking for workshops and seminars on dog welfare and science-based training? Whether it’s a zippy recall you’re after, first aid training for dog owners, trick training or reactive dog class – check my social media accounts for upcoming webinars.

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Jasmin Maier
Accredited by:
The Pet Professional Guild
Ziemer Falke Schulungszentrum
German Official Veterinary Office

I am Jasmin Maier, The Pawkeeper.

"Your dog deserves nothing less."

I am a trained and officially licensed Dog Trainer with years of experience in Qatar and Germany.

From barker to chewer, puller to biter – there’s not a behavior that I haven’t successfully resolved. Compassion paired with a solid foundation and then continued education is an absolute must.

I choose to belong to organizations who follow a strict code of conduct in how dogs should be treated in training as well as general life. I am also very proud to be recommended by local vets as an extension of their pledge to keep dogs healthy.

My specialist areas are: Aggression, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Puppy Training, Pet Dog Training, Trick Training, Rally Obedience and Assistance Dog Training

As a firm believer in Do No Harm Dog Training I will never use fear or pain as methods of training. Relationship based training with focus on improving dog-human communication is the reason for The Pawkeeper’s popularity!

Contact me today to build a strong, healthy relationship with your dog through science backed methods.

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