It's not DOG training

It's not DOG training - It's PEOPLE training! Get trained on how to train your dog from the inside out based on positive reinforcement!


About Me

I am a dog trainer who grew up with a dog in the crib, literally. I'm actively involved in dog rescue here in Qatar and have re-socialized and trained many abandoned dogs over the last year. That's why I decided to focus on puppy and basic obedience training as it's so essential to start off right and educate dog parents in order to prevent and resolve behavioral problems which could lead to dogs being abandoned or surrendered later.

What I do

I work based on positive reinforcement and harmony. Involving the entire family in training is my main focus.

I'm constantly attending training courses myself to keep up with the latest developments in dog training and I am proud of achieving the dog trainer's obedience master class certificate and dog handling certificate according to the German animal welfare law article 11.

The Goal

My aim is to revolutionize the way dogs are being trained in Qatar as I have personally encountered very outdated and intimidating training methods which are not only ineffective in the long run but also may result in other severe behavioral issues.