Private Sessions

Private training sessions are a good fit for you if you prefer one on one interactions, training your dog at home (or another environment besides the classroom), or if your dog isn’t comfortable or doesn’t get along well with other dogs or people in a classroom environment. Private lessons also help us work together on behaviors that are outside of a general class curriculum, where we will need to dive into the details of your specific situation.


How does it work?

If there are existing behaviors you’d like to change, your first session will likely include a functional assessment:

  • Discussing your questions and goals, and any remaining details of the behaviors we want to train and/or change
  • Discussion of management of unwanted behavior, if needed, to help you see change quickly
  • Developing an initial training plan for behaviors that will be taught
  • Hands-on training preview, so you can get a feel for how to start the training
  • A training summary after our session, and I’ll be available for questions via phone or email to make sure things are clear

If you have a new dog or puppy who is learning behaviors for the first time and doesn’t need any behavior modification, you will likely spend your first session prioritizing the foundation you want to work on with your dog and getting started on the training right away.

As you continue your training, the goal during the first few sessions is to help you communicate more clearly with your dog, manage problem behaviors, and train new behaviors the dog will need in order to be successful in the training plan.

In the beginning, training sessions are usually held once per week, unless another schedule is more beneficial.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for communication with your dog, we can continue to work together to advance this training according to your needs. If you choose to, we will continue implementing what you’ve learned, making sure you are on track to meet your goals, and working through any plateaus that occur along the way. These can be weekly sessions, or you can spread them out over more time, if you’re ready to do that.

Rates for private sessions at Advanced Vet Clinic

  • 45 minutes functional assessment       100 QAR
  • 60 minutes one-on-one session              250 QAR
  • 4 sessions package                                     200 QAR per session

For some of the behavioral problems it is recommended to train at the dog’s used environment or on neutral grounds such as a park to countercondition the unwanted behavior.

For home visits an additional transportation charge of 30 QAR per private session applies.