Who Is The Pawkeeper?

About Me

I am Jasmin Maier aka THE PAWKEEPER. I am a trained and officially licensed Dog Trainer with years of experience in Qatar and Germany.

From barker to chewer, puller to biter – there's not a behavior that I haven't successfully resolved. Compassion paired with a solid foundation and then continued education is an absolute must.

I am accredited by
The Pet Professional Guild
Ziemer Falke Schulungszentrum
German Official Veterinary Office

I choose to belong to organisations who follow a strict code of conduct in how dogs should be treated in training as well as general life. I am also very proud to be recommended by local vets as an extension of their pledge to keep dogs healthy.

As a firm believer in Do No Harm Dog Training I will never use fear or pain as methods of training. Relationship based training with focus on improving dog-human communication is the reason for The Pawkeeper's popularity!

Contact me today to build a strong, healthy relationship with your dog through science backed methods.




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